Makan Hunts: Dim Sum @ The Paramount & Dinosaur Live

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Recently I've just been nuts about Dim sum & custard buns. Blogged about the delicious custard bun at Victor's Kitchen (click to read post) and Leon told me "Aiyah this is not even the best custard bun, I'll bring you to another even nicer one. That's really THE best custard bun"

Lol big claims! Hopefully it's as good as he claims to be uh!

Drove there and realized.. years ago i came here with him and his parents to have dim sum what!!! Chey, not a new makan place. hahaha an awesome dim sum place nonetheless.


So we came to The Paramount, it was about 12 noon and they were serving the dim sum menu yums, luckily we came just in time to beat the lunch crowd, after they were done serving all our dim sum we ordered the lunch crowd came rushing in. Phew!




Order! Order! Order! *bang fork*


Peach tea with some sort of sherbet on it and longan or lycee? I can never tell the difference haha


Oh I gotta say, this has gotta be the BEST Char Siew Puff I've EVER had. Even the ones i had when i was in a dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong. I want moooooooooore


Banana & crystal shrimps fritters. SO DAMN GOOD.


Red bean pancake with sesame seed. Bah this was only so-so, usually i would LOVE this dish but it's just OK.

P1040109 (2)

Yay! My basic dim sum must have's!! Har Gao is SO yummy the crystal scrimp is so succulent. Hahahaha damn kiasu he ordered two basket of custard buns.


The custard bun here was like more salted-egg ish while the one at Victor's Kitchen is more custard-ish so it's sweeter!

I like the salted egg custard bun at Victor's Kitchen more but he prefers the one here.


Two extremely satisfied humans!

The Paramount Restaurant is located at:
30 East Coast Road, #01-01/01
Paramount Hotel & Shopping Arcade S(428751)
(Opposite Parkway Parade)

Tel: +65 64403233


Outfit of the day!

  • Teal v-neck spaghetti - Cotton On
  • Floral skirt with shoulder straps - Taiwan trip in 2009 that I've conveniently forgotten and buried at the back of my wardrobe and that was the first time i wore it.
  • Waist belt - F21
  • Wedges - Cotton On

Lol, we went to Science Centre for the dunno 3rd or 4th time together. Wth we're crazy i think we like to drive all the way to Jurong, spend money to go there and see damaged science-y exhibitions.

Usually their science exhibitions always this spoil that spoil one la! Damn lame hahaha but our main motive there was to go check out the Dinosaur Live Exhibition



Hahaha while leon was getting the tickets, i took a picture of the rear end and told him that the dino has a fine ass. And he didn't upload that picture. -.-

I think he scared the bone-y and bare dino feel shy exposing his fine ass on my blog.


CHA! This is the so-called chicken like dino in the dino times. Chicken wannabe dino so kawaii.




Woots, holy shit it's a bloody huge T Rex fossil.

Leon was like: "hey go there go there i take photo for you"
I replied: " Why in the world would i wanna take photos with a bag of bones?!" LOL!?

Hahahahahah, ok at the exit area there was a booth selling all the dino related stuff, dino rubber figurines, fossil excavating toys.. and.. GODZILLA?!?!!?!?


HAHAHAHA dino categorizing #fail.


Whoa just left the Dinosaur Live area and walking over to science center and we saw this. Fire tornado, they told us it was invented by one of the staff in Science Center. *round of applause*



We think that they have all these dodge-y cheat little kids money exhibition:


Poor kiddos all throw in no need to take back one!

Went to Imax to watch the "Amazing Caves" and it was awesome! Always love Imax, always a cool experience even thou the films or documentary are always damn old and the people in it always have 90's hair and outfits lol. two decades ago one zzz.


Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Mystery Makan: Epicurious, Robertson Quay

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Was my turn to organize Mystery Makan with the girls! It's one of my favorite brunch place, Epicurious.☺

They have two branches, one at The Rail Mall @ Bukit Timah and the other is at Robertson Quay, this was my first trip to Robertson Quay since it's easier for everyone to get to if it's at a central location!


Camwhoring while driving!


Lol accidental shot


Lucky us we got a table in like 5 mins! Annoying thing is that they do not allow reservations during weekend brunch. Bah feel so insecured without a reservation, imagine if we gotta wait like 30 mins for a table or so since they are usually quite packed.


X'mas gift exchange! Lovely gift from Nadnut, Esther & Jacelyn , can't bear to tear the nicely wrapped gifts

GASP! Nadnut propose to JACELYN & I!!


Hahahah. Just goofing around!

Woots. Finally the good stuff came! We ordered 4 dishes to share, i think brunch menu is super affordable at Epicurious. The total bill came and it was only about $48+ so it was only $12 split amongst us 4 ladies!


Can't go wrong with pancakes sprinkled with icing sugar & soaked in maple syrup.


Choco-Nana Sandwhich, Nutella + Banana grilled sandwich topped with strawberries.


I think this is the breakfast burrito? One is bacon and ham the other one is cheese? Can't remember but it's good stuff!





Yay after brunch Esther and I accompanied the Brides-to-be Nadnut & Jacelyn to the bridal show at dhoby ghaut to look-see look-see.



Oh look at my new Rilakkuma air freshener! Hahahaha.

Loves, TheLuckiestChick

Q&A: Oily skin woes?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Thanks for the email suggestion for topics of blog posts that you all would love to see on TheLuckiestChick and questions i've been receiving, recently I've received this qn that i could totally relate to..

Question from lovely reader, K: Could you please share tips on how you put on your daily make up and the products you'd use to tackle oily skin, because my make up always look so disgusting after awhile because my nose area will resemble an oil pit, hehe!

I totally get what you mean girl. Gosh oily skin is sooooo annoying! Make up never lasts long enough, even after cleansing and applying skincare after an hour max my face feels like an oiled-up frying pan.

Plus we're so prone to open pores etc but look on the bright side! At least we don't get "wrinkly" and experience "cracks" on your foundations etc as much as compared to dry skin!

I experience the
"nose area will resemble an oil pit thing" too, but other than using a good makeup base, i'll just blot my face with tissue paper and touch up a little pressed powder once in awhile. But use tissue paper and not blotting paper alright? Blotting paper usually remove too much oil on your skin surface that your skin "rushes to replenish the oil" and it makes your skin even oiler.

Here's my skin care routine these days:

Toner: Garnier Milky Lightening Dew
I'd squeeze a small amount of this on a cotton pad and add a drop of Tea Tree Oil from Thursday Plantation and apply all over my face, I've been breaking out a little lately but it's been helping to keep "things in control"

Day Moisturizer:
Lancome Blanc Expert Ultimate Whitening Hydrating Emulsion
Just reviewed it, click to read the review. But i'm loving the Moist version, absorbs really well and doesn't leave any sticky feeling, hydrates really well and brighten my complexion within 2 weeks.

Night Moisturizer: Elizabeth Arden Prevage Night Cream
Review will be up soon, but I'm loving this product! I'll apply the lancome emulsion then layer on with this night cream, one pump of this on my palms, rub the product between my palms to "heat it up" so it melts into my skin easier.
Love how this product makes my skin more refresh in the mornings even if i had insufficient sleep the nights before.

Eye: SK II Skin Signature Eye Cream
Eye creams are SO important! I'm not too sure if it's my imagination or what, but it seems like my eye bags are a weeeee bit small after using this product for a week, there's no miracle cream so i'll take my time and try this eye cream out for awhile more, but so far it does what a typical eye cream does, very creamy and hydrating but so far hasn't cause me any millia seed around the eye cream.

Lips: Burts Bee Beewax Lip Balm
I order them off because it's so much cheaper than Sephora, simply can't stand chapped lips so i always have to apply lip balms, love this lipbalm because it has this minty after feel and i love it especially applying after my shower. Right-click to read my List of Favorite Lip Balms.

Make up:


Foundation: Chanel Mat Lumiere Long Lasting Luminous Matte Fluid Makeup SPF15
I bought this because I was so attracted to the "Long Lasting" factor since it's formulated for oily skin. Does what a foundation should, covers minor pimple scars etc well, easy to spread with a foundation sponge not too thick and gunky (eeew) as compared to M.A.C's foundation etc

Always set your liquid foundation with a good loose powder/pressed powder so your base is more likely to last longer. I'm using Ettusais BB mineral powder to set my foundation, I'd usually use my M.A.C 109 brush to apply my loose or pressed powder!

Sunblock: Lancome UV Expert GN-Shield BB Base SPF50 PA++ High UVA PPD
Wow, seriously Lancome?! Your product names are all such a mouthful!
Yeah it's marketed as a BB base but it doesn't really do a great job when it comes to concealing pimple scars etc unlike conventional BB creams. It's more like it's just a lightly tinted sunblock.

Nowadays i try to steer off from using foundations too often, so most of the time I'd apply the Lancome BB base, blot with a piece of tissue and set with a pressed powder/mineral powder/loose powder.

Concealer: ZA Concealer Perfection
This is my favorite concealer ever! It's not too thick, not too thin great to conceal any pimples/eye ring whatever, it's also dirt cheap! I think I'll always use this concealer till i die unless they discontinue this product. Choy! Bought concealers that are much more expensive like bobbi brown, but it's so thick and horrible. So I'd stick to my favorite tried and tested ZA concealer.

Eye shadow base: Too Faced Shower Insurance
Forgot to include it in the above picture but i love this Anti-Crease shadow primer! Since i'm such an "oily gal" haha, my eyelids are just equally oily too and eyeshadow does NOT last long with oily lids! Thank god for this product my eye shadow always last all the way.


Eyeshadow palette: Too Faced Natural Eye Palette
My current favorite eye palette! This is my must-pack palette when I'm traveling because it has everything i need! Heaven is my favorite highlighter shade, Sexpresso is a great eye shadow shade and i use it to set my outer lower lash liner brown eyeliner, Silk teddy & Honey pot is a great inner lower corner eye shadow shade. A Must-Have!

Mascara Base: ZA mascara base
Loving this because it's full of fiber and makes my lashes look much longer and thicker, but not chock full of fiber that it gives my after-mascara-ed lashes the cockroach lashes effect everybody SHOULD avoid!

Mascara: Maybelline Stiletto (Lengthening) & Dolly Wink (Volumizing)
These are my two favorite mascaras at the moment. Doesn't give me any "panda eyes" too. Plus point for oily skin girl- ME!

Heated Curler: Panasonic Eyelash heated curler
This heated lash curler does MIRACLES! freaking awesome, makes your lashes curl like beautiful and looks so much longer something my normal eyelash curler can NEVER achieve. I ordered it on ebay but you can get it from best denki etc too!

Eyeliners: Ettusais Liquid Eyeliner WP & NYX Eye Pencil in Dark Brown
Ettusais Liquid Eyeliner, is LOVE! Even without the eyeshadow base this would not budge or fade even after a whole long day. I've even tried going to swim with this. It doesn't fade at all.

I usually line my lower outer corner lash line, the NYX eye pencil is cheap and does a great job, i usually set the eyepencil line with Too Faced palette shade Sexpresso!

Cheeks & Lip:

Blusher: Bourjois Paris in 74 Rose Ambre & NYX HD Studio Photogenic Grinding Blush in Sangria in Madrid
This two blushes are both very long lasting and well pigmentated, both in very wearable shades will be reviewing the NYX HD Studio Photogenic Grinding Blush very soon, it's quite a fun (but sometimes messy) product but i'm liking it more everyday!

Lip Tint: Etude House 55 Kissful Tint Chou

I LOVE using lip tints instead of glosses & lipsticks these days because they look so natural applied on your lips (in any case you've forgotten to bring your blusher out you can dab a little on your cheeks as cheek color too), it lasts forever even after eating and drinking. And it give a little pop of glossiness when applied too, without the sticky feeling of lipglosses, so kiss your boyf all you want without smearing gloss all over his face. heh

Lipstick: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Rivage
This lipstick is AWESOME! I've gone thru 2 sticks of this already it's like a lipstick & gloss packed into one. Very hydrating so you won't experience the awesome "cracked lips" look when using some lipsticks. Minus one point for not being very long lasting thou, gotta reapply pretty often.

Wish You All Happy Lunar New Year! Huat ah!

Kite Flying @ Punggol Waterway

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Went to fly a kite.. for the first time, on Christmas Day! Went to the Punggol waterway after church's Christmas Service. So cool! There's even a mini water playground around the area, damn cute.

Sorry for the crappy iphone quality photos. Totally forgotten to bring out my GF2!


Kite has a name! It's called Happy Box by the manufacturer, how cute is that?



Bah! But it wasn't super windy so we got our kite up like "midsky" then #fail already lol. First go at kite flying #FAIL! Boohoo. We tried again 2 days later and we got it really really high up thou! :D

Here's my Makan Hunts recommendation:


Drunken Chicken Hot Pot, the soup is SO GOOD. They are so generous with the chinese herbs which made the soup SO incredibly sweet and delicious.

The both of us would finished the entire pot of soup every time we're there for this. So damn good if you're the soupy type. I think it's about $35 for two person? I think it's enough for 3-4 people if you're not super into soups!

This place is located at
at Level 1 along the entrance of the Hougang Green. (who'd know such a lok kok place like that would have such awesome food)

I don't really know what the name of the shop, but it's beside Pizza Hut and N&B plus the furniture and decor are all the woody, bamboo style, if you walk pass you'll definitely know that's the place lol.

Loves, TheLuckiestChick

Review: Lancome Blanc Expert Ultimate Whitening Hydrating Emulsion

Friday, January 20, 2012

Recently I've redeemed my Reebonz referral points for two beauty items, one is the Lancome Blanc Expert Ultimate Whitening Hydrating Emulsion and the other, SK II Skin Signature Eye Cream.

Have been trying out the Lancome Blanc Expert Ultimate Whitening Hydrating Emulsion for the past two weeks or so, and so far I've been loving it!


The consistency of the emulsion is pretty runny, upon application it absorbs into the skin pretty quickly, I've got combination skin so having a hydrating but non-oily is great and love that it absorbs quickly and hydrates my skin well.

I got the Moist version but there's a Very Moist version for people with drier skin. *thumbs up*


After 2 weeks of usage i feel that my skin is looking brighter already! Doesn't really work to lighten pimple scars or anything but just brightening of skintone on the overall.


After applying the
Lancome Blanc Expert Ultimate Whitening Hydrating Emulsion, I'm currently using the Lancome UV Expert BB Base with SPF50+++ as my sunblock and it has a very light coverage, although it's a "BB Base" but it doesn't really help to conceal pimple scars etc like other bb creams does so it's really just good as a lightly tinted & high SPF sunblock.

Yay! the
Lancome Blanc Expert Ultimate Whitening Hydrating Emulsion is definitely going into my permenant skincare routine.

Loves, TheLuckiestChick

2nd visit to Bugis Essensuals ♥

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chinese New Year is just days away! So mad excited, gonna stuff myself with my favorite kueh lapis, egg roll & mummy's home made pineapple tart and pork floss roll muahahah.

Before CNY of course gotta go make my hair swee swee before meeting my relatives, since it's pretty much a once a yearly affair that i see all of them. Heh, so i went to Bugis Essensuals to get my hair done.

A fresh year = get a fresh cut and start afresh for a better year ahead!


I recommended a friend to try out bugis Essensuals and he loved his haircut there and he told me he was pleasantly surprised when he went up to Essensuals (they are located at Bugis Village) and suddenly it transformed into like such a cool place.

They even have a comfy sofa area with a TV set up to entertain your boyfriends/friends/kiddo waiting for you while you're doing your hair services.


Wanted to trim my hair a little and freshen up my hair color, black roots were growing out and it's a no-no for me.

I'm a pretty low-medium maintainance kinda girl, i'd rather be out doing crazy things than sit around in the salon and do my nails/hair everyweek. So I'll always LOVE things that last. Especially hair cuts and dye. When i cut my hair I want the shape and cut to last for 2-3 months and the hair color to fade into sometime that's still wearable and beautiful.

My previous hair cut and dye done by Zoe 3 months ago was still looking great, people i met complimented the color my dark purple hair faded into (people described it as a strawberry ashy sort of color)? Hahaha but long story short, i love that the cut and color lasts me a long time so i don've to head to the salon and spend so much time there every month.


Heh, still looks ok right! So awesome.

So Zoe started to highlift my roots, basically it's the bleaching of the roots in a least harmful way. And true enough, during the whole highlifting process my scalp didn't tingle/itch/burn at all as compared to the usual ohsoharmful bleaching of roots.


Heh, hello. Looking silly but who cares. OTW to beautiful hair!

So while i'm getting my hair roots highlift-ed and then dyed..

leon was tempted to get a hair cut too. Lol always hated his kam kam fringe which resembles a tortise shell. Prefer a short fringe for him! Looks more boyish and cute. hahah


Zoe doing her consultation with Leon before the hair cut.



Loving my purple hair, again!
heh I'm so bored of the usual browns and reds i gotta do something special.


Yay, always looking forward to my salon visits because Zoe is so interesting to talk to especially when you're stuck at the salon for like 2-3 hours for cut + color, you wanna find a great hair stylist that you have fun talking to and not a stylist that you feel awkward around. Time passes so much faster when you're having fun!


Love his new hair! So much more stylish & fresher than the "turtle fringe" hahahaha
His hair cut in total cost him only about $38?

I always receive emails/tweet regarding the prices for Essensual Bugis and yes, they do have a promo price for First Time Customers.


Yay so affordable! The promo price are all almost 45-50% off the usual price so you should totally try it out and honestly, you WON'T regret it.

Try to call them at 6333 0039 and book for an appointment before going down ok? Because Essensuals is pretty popular and plus CNY is nearing, they are just bursting with customers haha

If you have any questions about your hair at all, that you would like to seek clarification for, why not ask the Professional Team of Bugis Essensuals on their formspring page? They would gladly solve all your hair woes like how they solved mine!


Bugis Essensuals is located at at 241A Victoria Street, Bugis Village (Above Burger King)


Zoe also did a hair treatment for me after coloring my hair and i love how shiny and smooth my hair feels now!


Loves, TheLuckiestChick.